Our shearing date for 2024 is Tuesday, April 16th at 8:00 a.m.   Anyone is welcome to come and watch our alpacas get their yearly make-over!  It is very interesting!

The shearing usually lasts about 3 hours.  We will have 20 alpacas here.

Summer Visits

We had such a nice spring … but when summer finally hit, the heat and humidity just charged right in and took over!  Because of the heat/humidity, we are suspending visits to the farm until temps lower down to the 70′s or low 80′s with not so much humidity.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  We look forward to visits later in the summer into fall.

Have a nice summer and stay cool!

Shearing 2023 Date/Time Confirmed!

Our shearing date for 2023 will be April 13th at 8:00 am.  If interested in watching, you are welcome to come.  There will be 20 alpacas, but the shearers don’t waste time so don’t wait too long to get here.  It’s an interesting process as the alpacas get their make-overs!   Hope to see you here.

Shearing for 2023

Many are waiting for the date of our shearing this year.  I do not have a date as of today – March 27th.  But as soon as I do, I will post it here.  Thanks for your patience.  I’m waiting on the shearer at this point who is trying to schedule other farms in the area as well.

Brrrr….Winter is here!

Hope everyone is staying warm during these unseasonable temperatures.  Due to the cold, we will not be having any alpaca visits until things warm up.

For those of you waiting for news on a new baby alpaca (cria)….our Miss Silver has not had a baby and does not appear at this time to be pregnant.  She was a mystery for awhile but looks like its a no.  She may have aborted early on or may never had been pregnant.  But she is healthy and well.

We will be posting when visiting will be open again as temps warm up.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Fall News

It is great to be done with the hot/humid temps of summertime!  What a glorious Fall we’ve had…the colors and warm temps have been so refreshing.  Our alpacas enjoy Fall as well…not so much for the colors, but that they are able to stay out in the fields longer.

Some of you are waiting for news of a new cria.  Nothing yet which is making us think our Silver Rose is not pregnant.  But be assured, I will let you know if that changes!  She  certainly is keeping us guessing!  It’s a long story as to why we aren’t sure she is pregnant…too long to tell here.   Some of you have heard the story!

We are scheduling visitors here and there for alpaca visits.  Please email me at:  carol@rvalpacas.com….if interested….please no phone calls.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Summer Visits

Due to the high heat and humidity, and because we have an “expecting” female alpaca, we will be limiting visits until the temps are better and we have a new cria (baby alpaca).

I will post here when the cria is born and when we can allow visitors again.

Thanks for your understanding and we hope you have a great summer!  Its going fast.


Shearing Day at Rockville Alpaca Farm is Wednesday, April 13th at 9:00 a.m.  If you are interested in watching 19 alpacas get their summer cuts, come on over and join us.  There is no charge.  There will be lots to see.

Is Spring here to stay???

Our VA weather has been all over the place since Fall of 2020.  This Spring is no different.  We will be open to visitors again but by appointment only.  Please email me if interested.  My email is:  carol@rvalpacas.com.  Please, no phone calls.

Shearing will be sometime in April but haven’t received the final date from our shearer yet.  When I do, I will post it here. You are welcome to come by and watch the process.


Rockville Alpaca Farm is currently closed to visitors due to extreme winter weather.  The cold and ice make it difficult to visit.

We will post when we are once again open for visitors.

Thank you for your understanding.