Winter Visits

We trust the New Year is being good to all!  Because of some winter wind and cold, we are restricting visits to the farm only when the temps are above 50 degrees and not much wind.  There have been some very chilly days with the wind blowing across our fields which makes it difficult to enjoy visiting alpacas.  The alpacas don’t mind, but us humans (especially me) don’t have heavy alpaca fur coats to wear to block out the cold.  Drop me an email if you are interested in visiting and you are not sure of the weather…I will let you know if its pleasant here at the farm.

Spring is just around the corner when we can enjoy alpaca visits without freezing!  My email is: if you would like to visit.

Merry Christmas!

We wish all our neighbors and alpaca friends a Merry Christmas during a complicated time with all going on in our country.  Hopefully you will be able to join with family in celebrating!

Rockville Alpaca Farm will be closed to visitors now until January 5th. We look forward to having visitors again in the new year.

Here are some updated pictures of “Little Jack”, our cria born on the 4th of July. (Firecracker Jack)

These were taken in late November…now his warm winter coat has grown in and he is a bit chunkier!  He is an awesome cria and very stubborn!  We are so grateful he is part of our herd.

Open for Alpaca Visits

Rockville Alpaca Farm is open for alpaca visits again.  Any day except Sunday and of course, weather permitting.  If you would like to visit our alpacas, please email me at:

Hope to see you soon!

Postponing Visits

Due to a death in the family, Rockville Alpaca Farm will not be open for alpaca visits until after November 1st.  Thank you for your understanding and hope to see you soon!

Our Little Jack

Here he is at 3 months old!  Firecracker Jack was born on July 4th.  He is a sweet boy and, definitely  a “firecracker”!  Very entertaining.  He is living with six old ladies and has to get after them to play.  He loves to run all over the field and enjoys it even more if he can get one or all of the girls to run with him.

We were anticipating another cria in our herd, but sadly another little boy didn’t make it.  It was a very sad day for the momma and for us.  But momma seems to have accepted it ok and has moved on.  One good thing that came out of it was that the momma – Echo is more available for hugs which she of course receives daily.

Little Jack is growing up!  Come and see him!

Farm Visits

We enjoy having people come to our farm for an alpaca visit.  The alpacas seem to like it, too.  They are very curious about who is visiting.

Due to higher than usual requests for visits, we need to set up some guidelines.  If you would like to visit with alpacas, please email me to set up a day/time to ensure that I am available for a visit.  We do not have open hours.  Also, are not scheduling visits on Sundays…keeping that day for rest and family.

Thanks for your understanding and we really would love to have you come and visit.  My email is:   Hope to see you soon!

Farm Visits

Due to the extreme heat/humidity, we are asking those wanting to visit to please hold off until the temperatures drop to the low 80′s or less.  Heat is very hard on alpacas and especially newborns.  When the temps calm down, please contact me for a visit…the crias will still be here for you to enjoy.

We are committed to keeping our alpacas cool and healthy during these high temps.

Thanks for your understanding.  Check with me via email: as to when we can have visitors again.

It’s A Boy!

Silver Rose has a new cria!  His name….well…still working on that….its an important decision!

Born on the Fourth of July!  Baby boy is growing stronger every day.  The heat/humidity are challenging.

He’s a frisky little boy, weighing in at 15 lbs..he actually was a little early coming, but we’re glad he’s here and is healthy and strong.

By the way, the orange on momma’s face is from her Gatorade treat…after giving birth in the extreme heat she deserved it.

Will keep you posted when our second cria arrives…hopefully soon.

Alpaca Crias coming soon!

We are expecting at least two little ones middle to late July…could be another one or two…not sure.  Last August while on vacation, Harley jumped the fence and spent the night with our girls.  What a stud!  As a result, we know for certain there are two expecting moms…might be more.  Time will tell.  Check back middle to end of July to find out.


Sadly we will not be opening our shearing this year to visitors due to COVID-19 concerns.  When restrictions are lifted, please send me an email if you wish to visit the alpacas.  Thanks for your understanding and we pray, along with you, that everyone stays safe as we battle this together as a nation.  God Bless America!