It’s A Boy!

Silver Rose has a new cria!  His name….well…still working on that….its an important decision!

Born on the Fourth of July!  Baby boy is growing stronger every day.  The heat/humidity are challenging.

He’s a frisky little boy, weighing in at 15 lbs..he actually was a little early coming, but we’re glad he’s here and is healthy and strong.

By the way, the orange on momma’s face is from her Gatorade treat…after giving birth in the extreme heat she deserved it.

Will keep you posted when our second cria arrives…hopefully soon.

Alpaca Crias coming soon!

We are expecting at least two little ones middle to late July…could be another one or two…not sure.  Last August while on vacation, Harley jumped the fence and spent the night with our girls.  What a stud!  As a result, we know for certain there are two expecting moms…might be more.  Time will tell.  Check back middle to end of July to find out.


Sadly we will not be opening our shearing this year to visitors due to COVID-19 concerns.  When restrictions are lifted, please send me an email if you wish to visit the alpacas.  Thanks for your understanding and we pray, along with you, that everyone stays safe as we battle this together as a nation.  God Bless America!


Shearing Day 2020

For those of you waiting for news on our 2020 Shearing Date, we have not as yet received one from our shearer.  As soon as we have one, we will post it here and on Facebook.  Thanks for your patience.

2019 Shearing Day!

Its getting close to that time of year again when our alpacas get their haircuts!  That warm fiber has kept them throughout the winter but come April it starts to get too warm.

April 6th, 2019 around 3:00 p.m. is our day and time.  Please feel free to stop by and watch!  We will be joined by two other farms – The Alpaca Project and Swine Knot.  A total of 19 alpaca and two sheep will be done that day.

If you are interested in watching and learning about shearing…come on out and join us!  We’d love to meet you!

2018 Shearing Date

April 18th around 2:00 p.m is our 2018 Shearing date at Rockville Alpaca Farm.

Anyone is welcome to come and watch as 18 alpacas get their heavy coats off for the summer.  If you’ve never witnessed a shearing, it is an interesting event.

As you can see, Maxwell is ready!

Circle of Friends

April 17, 2016 – Sunday – was a great time with “Circle of Friends” from Weinstein JCC in Richmond.  A super group of folks who wanted to get up close and personal with some alpacas!  Lots of questions, lots of hand feeding alpacas, lots of laughing – they even got to see two of our adult males having a disagreement.  The weather was perfect for a picnic lunch alongside our “girls” who were very curious as to what was going on.

Thanks to Melissa for contacting our farm and bringing this group for a visit and for LaVenus for driving the bus.  Dan and I had a great time watching the excited faces interacting with the alpacas.

We would love to have them back anytime for more alpaca fun.

Farm Help

Rockville Alpaca Farm had some extra help this last week.  Grandson, Ben Gray was a big help doing clean-up and feeding alpacas everyday that he was with us.  In the picture he is getting Maxwell ready for the “Christmas on MacArthur” parade Dec. 12th.  I think Ben has done a great job with Maxwell.   Maybe we should call him “Alpaca Ben”

Baby Arrived!!

Our new baby girl arrived right on her due date – Oct. 17th!  Echo’s baby girl is a beautiful brown with those huge black eyes!  She was 16lbs when born and all legs.  The delivery went well (whew), the weather was great and had help from our neighbor Eddie.  Come by and see our girl…she’s so cute!

Baby Watching!

Our Echo is expecting her first cria! Oct. 17th is her due date, but you just never know when its a “first”.  So we are checking Echo several times a day looking for signs that she may be in labor.  We also don’t wander too far from home in case her baby arrives ahead of schedule.

I’ve put a pink collar around her neck so if you are driving by and want to know who is expecting, just look for the pink collar.  If you drive by and see a little one prancing around with her momma, then you know the event took place.  Please feel free to stop and get a closer look.