About Us

We are Carol and Dan Mericle living in Rockville, Virginia for the last 12 years after moving from western New York state. We live here with our 2 dogs, Cooper and Bella and one yellow cat named Missy.

Carol is “almost” retired from office management and spends most of her time running the farm – tending to the alpacas and their needs.

Dan is a Mechanical Superintendent currently working with his former company from Rochester, NY, but in the Richmond area. Dan takes care of all the “building” needs of the farm and also helps out when an extra hand is needed for Herd Health times. He did a super job getting the farm ready for the alpacas.

Carol was looking for a business to run at home when we saw our first alpaca. After researching and visiting some farms, we decided to jump right in. These first few months have been full of learning “hands on” about caring for the alpacas. They are so interesting to watch daily as they interact with each other and with us. We don’t get tired of watching them.

Our goal is to keep our alpacas strong, healthy and happy in the days ahead.