About Us

Rockville Alpaca Farm is a small, family operated farm on six acres about 20 miles west of Richmond, Virginia.  Our farm was started in June of 2011 with five alpacas.  Three were females already pregnant and two were young males. We had no prior experience raising livestock so this was an exciting and challenging move on our part.  Past experience was only from two little doggies and a few cats.

Since 2011, our herd grew to 18 alpacas and we are now down to 11 permanent residents.  There are six girls and five boys.  We enjoy the personalities of our alpacas and can’t imagine not having them.  They are amazing animals with huge, expressive eyes and quirky ways.

Through the years we have been involved in several area events with some of our alpacas.  Field Day of the Past was a fun event we did for several years, then some of our boys marched in the Christmas on MacArthur Parade in Richmond several times.  We also have been to Maymont’s Old Fashioned Christmas for a couple of years, the Rockville Library and various VBS events.  We have also enjoyed visits from Pre-Schools, Daycares, Elderly Care groups and others.  In the past we have had products made from alpaca fiber to sell but are no longer pursuing that, although I always have alpaca fiber for those of you interested.  (Very good pricing)

Our alpaca adventure has been fun, educational and an experience we are glad we have been able to enjoy.  We welcome visitors – by appointment…just email us at:  carol@rvalpacas.com